A little about the project

RENZ are the World’s largest manufacturer of mail and parcel delivery solutions and have been creating secure solutions for over 100 years.

RENZ are based in Kirchberg, Germany, but required an online presence for the UK market and is where we came in. We designed and developed a UK alternative to the popular German website, translating all German content and producing content that understood by the British market.

Web Design & Development

German content translation
Content creation
Search engine optimisation
Photo editing
Video creation
Vehicle wrap

RENZ UK Website Design & Development

Product Finder

Development of a product search finder tool that narrows down suitable solutions based on choices made the website user.

Vehicle Wraps

Seaside Digital Studio designed and created graphics for a new fleet of vehicles for the RENZ UK team. We quickly drafted a set of design visuals which were then printed and fitted by a trusted local print house.

RENZ UK - Website Photo

Content Translation & Improvement

The website content was available in German only, so the entire website had to be translated from German into UK English. When the translation was complete, the content was reviewed and improved to appeal to a UK audience.

Optimised for Search Engines

Each RENZ web page is search engine optimised in order to meet the very latest in accessibility and reach standards. There are techniques in place in the RENZ website to feature a large amount of content (ideal for organic SEO) whilst ensuring the website remains clean and features lots of white space.

Ongoing Management

A guide was created for the ongoing management of the website to be undertaken by the client and ensure it is as possible.


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